Becker's Lodge, Bowron Lake, BC, Canada


Becker's Lodge, Bowron Lake, BC

Canoe Rentals & Group Camp Cabins

We offer group rates for at Becker’s Lodge, the gateway to the Bowron Lake Provincial Park Canoe Circuit!

Scout, school or youth groups get special rates when renting six or more canoes. This is our contribution to young people so they can afford to see this nice part of Canada.

When your youth group rents a minimum of six canoes from us, you will also have the option to stay in our Group Camp for $12.00 per person before your canoe trip. If you’d like to stay a second night when you’re done paddling, you can stay for FREE! We have ten 12′ x 16′ cabins that sleep up to six people in each. Please note: The second night free is only for groups renting six or more canoes for the full circuit or Cariboo Falls trip (day rentals not included).

The fee for all other groups is $45.00/2 people and $15.00/additional person to a maximum of 6 people/cabin, per night.

Scout & Youth Groups
Scout and youth groups get special rates when renting six or more canoes.

Bowron Lake Circuit

  • 8 days – 7 nights
  • 1 Clipper Yukon canoe
  • 1 canoe cart
  • 2 life jackets
  • 3 paddles
  • Bailer and sponge

$190.00 each 2 person canoe (minimum 6 canoes)

Cariboo Falls Trip (West Side)
Bowron Lake to Unna Lake and return

  • 4 days – 3 nights
  • 1 Old Town Camper canoe
  • 2 life jackets
  • 3 paddles
  • Bailer and sponge

$120.00 each 2 person canoe (minimum 4 canoes)

Please note: Extra day/night is $35.00 per canoe. No special rates for less than six canoes.

Group Camp Rates

For youth groups, if you would like to stay in our Group Camp, we have 10 small cabins (12′ x 16′) furnished with three bunk beds in each. A single cabin sleeps up to six people. Pay $15.00 per person for your first night and get your second night FREE, if you also rent a minimum of six canoes. For example, most groups stay one night before their Circuit trip to get a dry start next morning. At the end of their journey they use the second night (which is free) to relax and get ready for the road.

  • 1 day/night camp per person $15
  • 1 day canoeing per person $15
  • 1 day guide/instructor $180 (if available)
  • Use of our camp stove/oven $25/night
  • Firewood $25/night

Safety Package: Parking in a safe area and storage of valuables is available. First vehicle is free, $15 per additional vehicle.

"All the gear we used was in excellent condition and worked extremely well. We were fortunate to have great weather on our trip, and the scenery and wildlife were spectacular."
Tenting on Canoe Circuit
Thomas R
from TripAdvisor

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