Boat Quality

Round Bottom CanoeThe qualities of a boat are determined, primarily, by the design. Basically, one makes a distinction between a high or low keel, and stability. A boat with a round bottom has a very low centre of gravity and seems very unsteady when a person first steps inside. At a certain speed, however, the boat stabilizes more and more and one can paddle with less effort than in a boat with a flat bottom. Flat bottomed boats have a high stability at first, but they lose it at increasing speed and can tip substantially faster than a boat with a round bottom, e.g., big waves are much better for a round bottomed canoe. If you are experienced and want one, we encourage you to reserve with us. Along with some exotic types, you have the choice between a canoe for singles, doubles, three people, or a single kayak. We do not rent double kayaks because they are not very suitable for this Circuit. For the portage trails they are too unwieldy.

Flat Bottom CanoeOn this site, we provide only a general overview of the canoes, however, you should speak with our experts at the Lodge who, willingly, will tell you everything you wish to know. The staff in our Reservation office cannot answer all your questions with regard to the canoes or kayaks. Simply book a boat, canoe or kayak, and once at Becker’s Lodge we can discuss further any questions you may have. You can also try out different boat types here on Bowron Lake to determine which suits you best.