Cariboo Falls Trip

Cariboo Falls (West Side) Canoe & Kayak Trip Packages

This trip starts at Becker’s Landing, below our Lodge. Paddle the whole length of the West Side to Unna Lake and the same way back. This is the short version of the Bowron Lake Circuit. See map.

These packages are for three nights and four days. For each additional day, add the amount per day noted with the package below.

Cariboo Falls Package for 2: $350.00 for two people
4 days, 3 nights

  • One night in a deluxe chalet before trip
  • One Royalex lightweight canoe
  • One lightweight canoe cart
  • Two PFDs, 3 paddles,  1 throw bag, bailer, sponge

$50.00/additional day paddling
$100.00/additional night cabin

Change to a different canoe, circuit rate applies.
Same for 3- or 4-person boat.
Maximum 8 days, 7 nights.
After your trip, you return your rental equipment except the boats to the lodge.  Boats will be picked up by our staff.

After paddling the lakes, you arrive at our beach.  A big sign, “Becker’s Landing” welcomes you.  To the left of the sign is the trail to the lodge/office.  You pick up your car keys, etc. and drive to the beach and load your personal stuff in your vehicle.  It is mandatory to clean our equipment.  Dirty equipment can’t be accepted.  Please don’t flip your boat in the water to clean it.  All the dirt will hang up in the gunnel.  Take a bailer or two of water and wipe out the boat with your sponge and bail out the dirty water.  Very simple.  Takes only a couple minutes.  Our canoe guide will pick up all our equipment afterwards unless different arrangements have been made (Circuit Economy – return everything to lodge, Cariboo Falls Package – return everything but boat to lodge)