Welcome to Becker’s Lodge. May we help you make a reservation?

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Becker’s Lodge is on Bowron Lake, BC, not in Jasper, Alberta.

Before Reserving

When you’re ready to make a reservation at Becker’s Lodge, you can request a reservation for accommodations (cabins and chalets), canoes, kayaks, carts, equipment, and packages by calling our reservations office or by submitting the reservation request form on this page.

Cabins in our Group Camp (Scout Village) area may be reserved but we do not take reservations for camping or RV sites.

Please note that our reservations office is in Quesnel, not at Becker’s Lodge at Bowron Lake. Because of this, the reservations office cannot answer questions about current weather, forest fire hazard, or water conditions at Bowron Lake or in the canoe circuit. If you email us, we can send you links to websites where you may be able to find this information or you can try calling the lodge directly (May to September only) at 1-604-424-4333.

How and When to Contact Us

Our office hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, Pacific Time (Vancouver time). Please check your time zone before calling and if you receive our voice mail, please leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible. Overseas customers, please email us or call again. Because of time differences, we don’t usually return calls outside of North America.

During July and August, it is often faster to get information by email than telephone. Our phone lines can get very busy. Emails are also checked and replied to at least once daily after hours, on weekends, and throughout the off-season (October through April).

Same-Day Reservations

For same-day cabin accommodation reservations from May through September, try calling Becker’s Lodge directly at 1-604-424-4333 or just drop in. Becker’s Lodge is closed from October through April each year.

Using Our Online Reservation Request Form

If you have questions or would like to check availability before requesting a reservation, please call us first or email questions. Please use our online reservation request form to make reservations only.

When Requesting Reservations

Please provide alternate choices for cabin accommodations in case your favourite cabin is already booked and include the best phone number and email for us to reach you. Use our request form and we will call you to confirm availability and to obtain your credit card information. For your own safety, please do not email credit card information to us.

Please double-check your email address before submitting your online request. We send reservation confirmations to the email address you provide. If you use a spam-blocker, please ensure your email program will accept mail with attachments from or you may not receive your confirmation.

Contact Reservations Office

Reservations Office: (year-round)
Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 5:00pm, Pacific Time (closed holidays)
Telephone: 1.250.992.8864
Toll free in North America: 1.800.808.4761 FREE

We Do Not Have Internet!

Please note: Becker’s Lodge is INTERNET-FREE so you can really enjoy your vacation.

Boat Rentals & Accommodations

Our office is located at the lodge. Pass the store building and drive right up to the lodge. Opening hours 8:00am to 6:00pm. If you have rented from us, it is mandatory to come to the office first to sign in, see us and our staff, sign the waiver, sign the damage deposit, finalize your bill, etc. We will have an answer for all the questions you may have and will show you the boats and hand out the equipment you rented for packing your things. We also set up a time for the next morning.

Late Arrival

See our info case next the office for cabin location, camping, washhouse, etc. Most likely your accommodations will be unlocked. The “orientation” is at the BC Parks Registration Center, 2.5 kms down the road.

Booking Details

Find out more about Deposits, Changes, Cancellations & Returns


** PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are only allowing BC and Canadian residents to stay at our resort and rent from us in 2021. ** Please fill in and submit this form. You'll receive an automated reply to confirm we have received it. To complete your booking, call us between 10:00am and 5:00pm, Pacific Time, with your VISA or MasterCard information. Your reservation is not complete until your credit card payment has been received. Please call our office at 1-250-992-8864 or 1-800-808-4761 between 10:00am and 5:00pm (Pacific Time) Mon-Fri. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR POPUP/AD BLOCKER IS TURNED OFF ** SAFARI USERS: You may need to enter dates manually. The format is mm/dd/yyyy. If you experience any difficulties entering check-in and check-out dates please just type them into the comments field at the bottom of the form. ***</strong


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    Order a canoe of your choice or let the lodge staff help select the right one when you get here. If unsure about models, select "don't know - help me at the lodge". We recommend reservation to guarantee a canoe.

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    If you are requesting a specific cabin, please specify an alternative in case your favourite cabin is already reserved. Remember to select check-in/out dates.

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    "I am interested in booking this package(s), if possible:"

    Circuit Premium Package for 2 peopleCircuit Comfort Package for 2 peopleCircuit Family Package for 2 adults & 2 children (under 12 yrs) or 3 peopleCircuit Economy Package for 2 peopleCariboo Falls Trip Package for 2 people

    "I am interested in renting the following:"
    ATVMtn Bike - pedalMtn Bike - electric assist

    "I am interested in renting the following:"
    SnowmobilesClothing & GearSnowshoes

    Where did you hear about Becker's Lodge?

    Use this section to request additional equipment.


    NOTICE: All booking requests will be confirmed based on availability and are subject to change.

    I agree: "I understand that my reservation is not complete until I call Becker's Lodge 2019's reservations office with my VISA or MasterCard details and payment has been collected."

    For information phone the reservations office, 1-250-992-8864 or 1-800-808-4761 between 10:00am and 5:00pm (Pacific Time) Mon-Fri.

    Deposits & Returns

    Deposit Information

    When we’ve had a chance to review your request, if everything you request is available, we will contact you to confirm availability and to collect your credit card information, after which your payment will be processed. You’ll receive a reservation confirmation by email, usually within about 2 – 3 business days (sometimes 7 – 10 days). The email will be from “” and will have a PDF attachment with it. Please check your “junk”, “spam”, and “trash” folders before contacting us if you haven’t received a confirmation.

    If you will be arriving at Becker’ Lodge within 10 business days or less, and you do not receive an email acknowledgement that we have received your reservation request, or heard from us by phone or email, PLEASE CALL our reservations office.

    Your reservation is not complete until your credit card payment has been approved. Please, for your own safety, DO NOT email your credit card number and expiry date, wait for us to contact you by phone.

    Click here for information about reservation changes, cancellations, and refunds. Partial payment is required at time of booking (see below for amounts). The balance of the full payment, including taxes, is due in full 30 days before arrival and will be charged to the credit card used to book. All bookings require full payment at time of booking.
    Individuals and Groups of Family/Friends

    Accommodations Only:
    Trapper Cabins with other rentals, $90.00 per night
    Trapper Cabins only, full payment at time of booking
    Deluxe Cabins, $100.00 per cabin, per night at time of booking
    May 20th and later, full payment at time of booking

    50% payment at time of booking until May 19th, full payment May 20th and later
    Economy Package: full non-refundable payment at time of booking

    Canoes and Kayaks:
    $100.00 per canoe or kayak (except Clipper Mackenzie)
    $150.00 per Clipper Mackenzie or Hellman Cruiser
    May 20th and later, full payment at time of booking

    $40.00 per cart when booking with boats
    Carts only: full, non-refundable payment at time of booking

    Scout Troops, School & Other Non-Profit Groups:
    Minimum 50% at time of booking, final payment 30 days prior to arrival (booked by May 19th)
    May 20th, full payment at time of booking

    Travel Agents: Full payment at time of booking

    BC Sales Taxes are 5% GST, 7% PST, 8% Hotel Tax and 3% MRDT

    GST is charged on everything

    PST is charged on canoes, kayaks, equipment, packages with cabins, scout/youth packages

    Hotel Tax is charged on accommodations only

    MRDT (Municipal & Regional District Tax) is charged on accommodations only

    Changes & Cancellations

    We’ll happily make changes for free the majority of the year. Between April 15th and August 15th, our busiest months in the reservations office, a change fee of $20.00 will be charged each time you request changes to your booking. If you’re adding more canoes, kayaks, or accommodations to your reservation we’ll waive this change fee.


    All cancellation requests must be received in writing. To cancel, email our reservations office (link below) to let us know and find out if you’re eligible for a partial refund.

    The following refunds apply to all cancellations:

    7+ days before arrival: full refund except $50.00 cancellation fee
    Less than 7 days before arrival: 50% cancellation fee

    No refunds are available for bookings with carts only or our Circuit Economy Packages.

    When cancellation requests are received, it will be at BECKER’S LODGE 2019’S discretion to offer equivalent credit for a rescheduled booking. This policy is necessary due to the remote location of our place and rebooking of our accommodations by other guests would be unlikely. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    To make changes or cancel reservations:
    Call our Reservations Office at 1.250.992.8864 or 1.800.808.4761
    Email Changes & Cancellation Requests

    Ready to book?