Cabins & Chalets

Cabins & Chalets: Many of our guests come to us year after year just to stay for a few days in our log cabins. There are many things to do around here such as visiting Wells and Barkerville, for example, which are just around the corner. Hiking in the area is another popular thing to do. Fishing in the upper Bowron River for Dollies or Rainbows is very exciting. Walk to Kibbee Lake with one of our canoes and paddle into little Thompson Lake. For all these activities you need a good place to stay and relax. Our resort is famous for its cleanliness and cozy atmosphere, no matter what your preference for accommodations is: Trapper’s Cabin or a Chalet. Our main lodge building does not have hotel or motel type rooms. All lodging is in private log cabins and no pets or smoking are allowed in them.  We do not allow pets at our resort at all.

We are an Internet Free Zone!

Internet Free Zone!

Becker’s Lodge is also INTERNET-FREE so you can really enjoy your vacation. Some accommodations have a kitchen unit. If you stay for one night only and use the kitchen, you pay a cleaning fee of $50 unless you clean up after yourself. This doesn’t apply to stays of longer than one night. The Trapper Cabins have no indoor plumbing, but our private washhouse with showers is available. In the washhouse, coin operated washing machines and dryers are provided. For all the cabins there is no room service and we change towels every second day. We do not provide towels to cabins without plumbing. Because of rising diesel fuel costs, we turn off our generator power source in June and September at night from 10:00pm to 6:00am. All cabins shown on this site have a floor plan and some have a 360° inside view so you can easily determine what you might like to rent. You need Quicktime installed on your computer in order to view the movie. Download Quicktime free