Frequently Asked Questions When People Come to the Lodge
We hope you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly answered questions here. If not, call our reservations office or send us an email and we’ll do our best to answer other questions for you.


Are there campsites/tent sites at the lodge?

Yes, we have tent sites and RV sites, some with power.

Do you have internet or WiFi at Becker's Lodge?

No we are an INTERNET-FREE zone… we have no internet, not free internet.  We encourage you to come and enjoy real life.

Is there a pay phone?

We have only a satellite phone. Your cell phones will not work in the Bowron Lake area.

Is there a bank machine?

No, there is no bank machine.

Can we pay with cash?

Yes, cash is the best way to pay. We also accept U.S. cash.

Is there safety storage available for valuables?

Yes. We can store valuables. This service comes along with parking.

If we come by taxi, can we store packs?

Yes, you can.

Where do we park?

We have a parking lot at Becker’s Lodge.

Do you sell geographical/topographical maps?

Yes, we do… and they’re waterproofed too.

Do you sell fishing licenses?

No. BC fishing licenses may only be No. BC fishing licenses may only be purchased online.

Do you rent bear spray?

Yes, you can rent or purchase bear spray from our store and it’s stongly recommended by BC Parks.

How do you like your job?

Hard to beat!

Do we have to treat the water out there?

Yes. Water needs to be treated or boiled.

What is the average time to complete the full circuit?

Most people take from 5 to 7 days to complete the full circuit.

What does the 60 lbs weight limit mean?

Your general weight is limited by the capacity of your boat (approx. 800 lbx). While on wheels on the trails, you are allowed 60 lbs in your boat.

When do we get the equipment we rent?

Our Paddle Shack is open to obtain equipment between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm daily.

How do we get from Becker’s Lodge to the BC Parks Registration Centre?

If you rent from us, we drive you, your gear, and you rented equipment to the BC Parks Registration Centre.

Do we have to watch BC Parks’ video?

Yes, it’s mandatory.

Are you happy?

Yes, most of the time.

What is the procedure on our return?

After paddling the lakes, you arrive at our beach. A big sign, “Becker’s Landing” welcomes you. To the left of the sign is the trail to the lodge/office. You pick up your car keys, etc. and drive to the beach and load your personal stuff in your vehicle. It is mandatory to clean our equipment. Dirty equipment can’t be accepted. Please don’t flip your boat in the water to clean it. All the dirt will hang up in the gunnel. Take a bailer or two of water and wipe out the boat with your sponge and bail out the dirty water. Very simple. Takes only a couple minutes. Our canoe guide will pick up all our equipment afterwards unless different arrangements have been made (Circuit Economy – return everything to lodge, Cariboo Falls Package – return everything but boat to lodge)

Why do you take a damage deposit imprint?

If there is damage to our equipment or loss, you get charged for it.

Are there showers available when we return?

Yes, for four quarters you smell better and we have laundry facilities too.

How come everything is so clean around here?

Because we like it that way.

Do you allow pets?

Yes! This is new! We allow pets on leash in our campsites at Becker’s Lodge 2019. Pets are not allowed in the cabins without permission and a minimum $50.00 pet fee. We have only a few cabins that we allow pets in. There’s lots of wildlife here for you to enjoy as well. If you’re paddling the circuit, BC Parks does not allow dogs in the canoe circuit either for safety reasons.